Project1 A Year In My Life

21.01.2015 09:36

The PROJECT 1 A Year in My Life


What to do

Tell people about your year. Write about these things: Which months do you like?

1.When are: our school holidays, important birthdays. 

2 Draw a calendar and add some photos or draw some pictures to illustrate your year.



January Sometimes it snows and we go important birthdays. sledging in the park. We go back to school special events or festivals. after the Christmas holidays.



we have a week's holiday. I usually go skiing with my parents and my brother, Cameron. I love skiing. And we have pancake day. I love pancakes.


April We have two weeks' holiday for Easter.We get Easter eggs. Mmm ... lots oflovely chocolate.


October I buy three birthday presents in October. Mum, Dad and my cousin Beth all have their birthdaysi n October. We have another holiday in October.


December December is my favourite month. We have two weeks' holiday for Christmas and I get lots of presents. My cousin, Beth, comes to our house for Christmas.